It is finally here! A cookbook for which all you need is to be able to read. Simple Stupid Dutch Oven Recipes is a dutch oven cookbook for everyone. It has 25 recipes that take 20-25 minutes in the fire. If you can read the instructions you can't go wrong. All recipes are convertible to your conventional oven, so it's a 2-time cookbook: dutch oven to conventional oven.


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Beer Batter Biscuit's

Roll out on cutting board or table -cut biscuits 1/2" thick; 3" circles, or peach can size -lightly dust dutch oven with flour -add biscuits.

Flour 3 Cups Self-Rising Flour
Baking Powder 1 tsp Baking Powder

Country Potatoes

Dutch Oven
12" Shallow Dutch

Cowboy Succotash

Peach Cobbler

Cookinq: Use 10 hot briquettes on the top and 15 hot briquettes on the bottom for 15 minutes -At 15 minutes, put all briquettes on top for 5 more minutes.


Dave "Skinner" Collins

SkinnerThis character that felt the need to create an informational book to make something that he enjoyed simple for everybody.

He was raised in Canada on an eighty acre farm, that had no electricity, so this method of cooking was common.

Later in life he became a master blacksmith. Working with metal this way, gave him a better understanding of cast iron. Being that cooking became a professional hobby, he put the two together and found that not only was this form of cooking enjoyable but it was also healthy.

He also used these methods while cooking for cattle drives, remundas, and such. He has also cooked for the Swiss Olympic Ski Team in 2002 and many resorts.

So for years he has been sharing his cooking methods with friends. Now he believes it is time make these methods available to everyone.

It is his wish that all may find a new joy in the art of cooking with Utah's official cooking pot, the Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cook Ware.

Simple Stupid Dutch Oven Recipes

4-6 History Of Cast Iron Cookng

07 Preparing New Oven

07 Seasoning

08 Cleaning After Use

09 Charcoal Briquettes

10 Special Notes

12 Beer Batter Biscuits -Bread -Rolls

14 Sticky Buns

15 Country Potatoes

16 Cowboy Potatoes

18 Au gratin Potatoes

19 Steamed Vegetables

20 Roasted Corn On The Cob

21 Green Beans And Bacon

22 Herb Chicken Breasts

24 Barbecue Chicken Legs

26 Chicken Thighs And Rice

27 Herb Beef

28 Barbecued Beef

29 Barbecue Pork Short Ribs

30 Sauerkraut Pork Chops

32 Dutch Oven Breakfast (Omelet)

34 Cowboy Succotash

36 Ravioli-Tortellni Soup

37 Apple Cobbler

38 Peach Cobbler

40 German Chocolate Cherry Cobbler

41 Pineapple Cobbler

42 Strawberry Cobbler

43 Blueberry/Raspberry Cobbler

44 Notes

45 Special Thanks

The Simple Stupid Dutch Oven Recipes is now available........

Christmas Special until December 20th 2010 $12.95 $10.00Each + $5.00 s/h

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Contact Skinner
Dave Skinner Collins
P.O. Box 221
Heber City, Utah 84032